super loose bind off

I’ve used this bind off twice in my pattern so far, as both Ardor and Beaufort Scale have written instructions for it. I figured a photo tutorial would be a good idea for others who were interested.

When using this BO it negates some of the usual issue of pulling on the stitch that was just bound off, which is how so many bind offs become tight, even after working on larger needles. The yo allows for extra yarn to accommodate this. If worked loosely it will create a edge with almost no structure, but can be done a bit tighter which will allow for an edge with some structure. It will allow garter stitch edges to bow out and leave lace with little to hold it back.

Set up: K1, yo, k1, pass first k1 and yo over the second k1.

Repeat: Yo, k1, pass first st on right needle and the yo over the k1.

–Photos coming soon.–

If you are aware of this type of bind off being used elsewhere, please let me know in the comments below! I haven’t seen it anywhere (yet) and think it might be like my Easy Graft – another unvention.

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