Hairs and Stitches

Both Luke 12:7 and Matthew 10:30 speak of God having numbered, or counted, the hairs on our head. For me, until recently, the verses just seemed odd. I’ve heard these verses before, and for me it usually brings to mind the ones about the number of the stars in the sky or grains of sand at the beach.  It really just means a huge number.

Or does it?

A week or two ago in Sunday School as my husband was teaching he used me as an object lesson, and it completely took me off guard. He had warned me, but I didn’t expect the direction it was going to take. The lesson was about God and His creation and creativity – in many ways fits right in with what we have been discussing here. What took me by surprise though is that as I was sitting there, I was knitting on a new design project (normal for my time in Sunday School, btw) and happily stitching along. I didn’t need my pattern, I knew how it was to shape up and when it needed a twist or turn, a stitch added or subtracted.

Then John said, “and Jenny knows every stitch in the pattern.”

Wait. Right there.

I know. Every. Stitch…

How many are in the pattern? Honestly I haven’t done that math, and therefore I don’t know off hand. Could I easily figure it out? Absolutely. What I do know is where each stitch goes, what it is doing, and why I have it there. Each single little stitch is essential in the whole project and known to me. I make each one, one at a time, lovingly.

Another guy in the class said that he was once walking along a path on a mountain and stopped at one point and studied the plain rocks at his feet. It then struck him that God knew every one of those rocks that were there at that time, and that they would be there. It was a really huge revelation in something so tiny.

Where have you connected the God of Creation to your creativity? How wonderful we get our Father’s creative trait!


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