In so many ways this little project looks complete. I was six and 2 half stitches short when the skein of Weeks Dye Works Buttercup ran out. It tells a story just like it is, and gives a complete sentiment.

I’ve had a great time stitching it over the last week. It’s sat on my desk for the last few days as I ponder and pick out the next steps for it.

I’m so tempted to say “whatever”. It’s the easy thing to do most days and sometimes it is fun and snarky. Of course buying more WDW floss will cost a lot for a few stitches.

But here’s the rub – this isn’t done. It isn’t complete. It has quite a bit missing. It is more than just 6 or so stitches – it is the completion of the thought and intent that is missing. More words, lots of little ones, are missing.

is and be are missing.

Words such as pure, lovely, honorable, and virtuous, among others, are missing.

think, dwell, and ponder are missing.

Phillipians 4:8 is missing.

Of course whatever by itself is dismissive and oft negative, it is its larger context that makes it a positive. But going further, this is often what happens with scripture: it’s taken out of context and looses meaning or is skewed in a way that wasn’t intended. Out of it’s surrounding verse whatever has an entirely different connotation and assumed meaning. Likewise a single verse out of its chapter and book can also lead a reader to false understandings.

That context has amazing power. Power to destroy a happy marriage, or the power to save a struggling one. It is the difference between life and death, actually. Think about it, seriously. Your perspective is everything.

I’d like to think it isn’t like me to say whatever. I’m not often a hands-up-in-the-air defeated person. I do know I say it in moments of weakness though, when I have stopped dwelling on the good and allowed myself to be run over with the not so good. Perspective is important, and it’s easy to loose.

So, while I will be leaving the 6 and 2 half stitches undone and a needle attached in the act, I will be completing the piece with DMC floss. whatever can be on it’s own, loud and bold, but it will receive its tempering partners, it needs them.

I won’t be simply saying whatever and throwing in the towel.

(More to come when the piece is finished at which point I’ll probably tell you about the tshirt. I have to admit I don’t have the rest fully planned yet, I may just have to jump in and figure it out as I go.)

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