I’ve got rhythm

One of the things I love most about knitting is it’s rhythm. I love when I can fall into lock step with something. It comes out in my personality in multiple ways, for instance I was in color guard, played percussion, and still sing in a choir. My toes tap at every opportunity and I am that goofball who will drum on her thighs along with a song – or just because.

Until last night the rhythm of the Kitchener stitch had evaded me, totally and massively in every conceivable way. So much so that I found the simple beat of what I call my Easy Graft. Only issue is that Jenny’s Easy Graft can not be used in every instance. You have to be able to work the graft from the purl side.

Which leads me to the sweater. Oh, my sweet Featherweight in precious Malabrigo Lace in a OOAK verde colorway…


She’s been in time out for almost 2 years. She was a bad sweater. Because of the collar treatment I choose, there was a 300+ st Kitchener that had to be conquered. She was intimidating. She was baffling. She was maddening.

After the reboot of the Ravellenic Games, where I am free to actually pursue a medal rather than run podiums and insane amounts of back end work, it became my goal.






Sure, she doesn’t have sleeves yet. Those are easy and I am not concerned. I have other things to get done now so those will wait… but she is off the naughty list and I have triumphed.

The Jenny of Jenny’s Easy Graft can now Kitchener too. I’m pretty sure, now that I have the rhythm down, that I won’t forget it and that I am officially bi-graftual.

Someone hand me a 2014 Ravellenic Games medal for WIPs Dancing. I’m representing with (the unregistered and unofficial) Team Formerly Crazy.

P.S. In case you were wondering, the rhythm of the Easy Graft is easier than the rhythm of the Kitchener, as it flows in the expected direction of joining the two pieces. The rhythm of the Kitchener actually runs with the needles and necessitates that you should think of the stitches as flat rather than sitting sideways on the needles as they do. The whole knitwise-purlwise mumbo-jumbo is confusing, and there IS a better way. Someone needs to make a better tutorial for it… maybe I will at some point.

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