Such a sweet review of Cosset

It isn’t often that my patterns get reviewed. I’m not a big name designer, and I’m not well known. That’s okay, I’m aiming for quality over quantity and stardom. Yet, a few mornings ago I woke up to the sweetest Facebook notification – a local knitting friend who just had a baby made a Cosset hat and reviewed it on her blog. I could never ask for better comments than the ones she made. It certainly put Cosset in the limelight for a few days.

You can find TurtleGirl’s Bloggy Thing post FOs: Cosset Hats here.

When I made the hat for a local lady for a very short notice baby gift I didn’t think too much about it. I had less than 2 days and another girlfriend had insisted that I knit something for the lucky couple. In the long run, she was right. The hat was very well received, and used! They loved it.

Shortly after I wrote it up for a pattern and it has simply become my best selling pattern. It really boggles my mind sometimes. It’s also possibly the thing I have knit the most myself, it’s my go-to gift. From the moms who actually pull it out and use it, I hear that it was the only hat that would stay on the baby’s head, or that it was the only one that would fit.

All I can say is that we recently had some snow… and Josh, at age 2.5, wore his out to play. The same one he’s worn since he was born.

…and at 8 months…

8 months and this might be the first pic of Josh wearing his Cosset. He's worn it lots, actually.

Of course, I can’t find one of him wearing it right after he was born… but he did!

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