Fridays, in the future

Faithful Fridays.

I think it has a nicer ring than Fiber Friday. (Not that I won’t continue it occasionally.)

With that, soon, I plan to start a series on: What it means to be an artist/crafter of faith. Where the intersection of that is. Where it has taken us. What it looks like. So on and so forth… I hope to have some guest posts as well. I’m not sure how it’s really going to develop yet.

Why am I saying this before just launching in? Accountability. At least a semblance if it, I guess. This has been stirring for nearly a year now, nagging at me. I finally have received enough prodding from the Lord to move forward with it.

Here’s a big secret: writing is a laborious process for me. I don’t find thoughtful posts easy, in online forums or here. Seriously. I think of myself as much more of an editor of things already written, able to add polish to the words written by others. Apparently? This is not how I am seen by friends. It’s funny to me, in an ironic sense, how I see myself compared to how the world sees me. I struggle with how to say a portion of pattern sales goes to Samaritan’s Purse for both disaster relief and to spread the Good News. Sure, lots of designers donate to charities, but not always long term. Why is this hard to state? I guess because it is personal and I’m not sure I always have a way to word things in my head that don’t have words already. Goodness, does that even make sense?!? In such vein, I know how I want to be seen. No, not as a braggart giver, not as a great writer, not as a well read blogger, not as someone with something important to say, per se… But as a daughter of the King, as light and salt, as a follower of Christ who lives it both in and out.

So, I’m going to be obedient, and start.

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