Happy 2014!

It’s a New Year! 2013 wizzed by in a flash and I nearly missed it.

It’s amazing to me how truthful adults were when they said it would go by quickly… it DOES.

Here it is in about 30 seconds, in reverse.

In reflection, I set out some craft goals for the year: some were completed, others were not.

Lets review: 1 quilt, 1 cross stitch sampler, 6 patterns, destashing

1. Well… the quilt is close, but not finished.  I’ve been hand quilting it and lost some steam. It needs a binding and a little more quilting. I did however finish a scraps quilt that I gave to my daughter for her American Girl doll as a lap blanket. It was a cute little thing. And, officially, a quilt… of sorts.

2. I’ve finished through August on the Woodland Sampler and started several other projects. Not too bad, I don’t think. Still, not complete. I have actually reworked some of the second half and am publishing today my redesign for August: Carle the Brown Bear.

3. Patterns: Beaufort Scale, Hootenanny, Woodlee, Arrrgyle (cross stitch!), Spirit, Aronia Cowl, Smalt Cowl, Nest Pillow, and Glaucidium…  WOW! That’s 9!! I’m pretty proud of all of them.

4. Destashing. Fail. I’ve added fabric, embroidery floss, and even more yarns. I haven’t sold off much of anything.

So, if I am being mindful again this year, what should the next goals look like?

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