Carle the Brown Bear

Introducing Mr. Carle the Brown Bear!

Carle stitched

You can find him here at Craftsy.

I stitched him up as a replacement for the Woodland Sampler’s August block yesterday, on the final day of the year.

After I posted this to my IG feed, several requests for the pattern were made – so I finished writing him up. Obviously he has been test stitched, and I can assure you you should find the pattern complete as it has both professional b&w symbol chart and a symbols on color chart for you to choose from. It has a key and color numbers for both DMC and Cosmo flosses. The pattern for sale is NOT affiliated with The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s Woodland Sampler and while will fit nicely, you may want to nudge some bees around. I made sure there is NO markings for the Woodland Sampler in the pattern. He is a stand alone and while he can be inserted fairly easily, please understand he is not affiliated.
I think he’d look great in an oval frame, as a friend suggested. Maybe I’ll do that soon.
He’s $4.00 here.

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