A love song for Sabrina

I’m pretty sure it was January of 2010 when I first met Sabrina. It wasn’t a long meeting, and I am almost certain she has no memory of it. I had rounded a corner at TNNA in Long Beach, and there was some of the most gorgeous yarn I had ever seen. The colors were amazing with a crazy depth, and so were the bases. Most of them were not straight up one fiber, but a blend. I remember salivating and loosing the capacity for speech. She had a few bowls with mini skeins for swatches and I took a few home with me. They sang.

I did a good bit of business that trip with Malabrigo & Buffalo Wool, handed in samples to Woolgirl for a club, promoted Jenny’s Easy Graft, and visited Twist Yarns of Intrigue. That said, I kept returning to Sabrina’s booth to fondle her yarns just a little more. It’s one of the things I remember most about that trip. I’m pretty sure I never found my speech,  that I never actually spoke to her. That next summer, I was able to say hello and introduce myself. I even gave her a hug.

Photo Jul 05, 4 33 01 PM x

(Not mini-skeins, but my current design stash of Anzula yarns)

Those mini skeins I toted home were enough to get me to call (that’s a feat, I’m not great with the phone) and ask for yarn support – one of the first companies I had ever done that with. I was used to working from stash, or it had been offered and I hadn’t had to actually ask for it. The design result was Cosset. Originally intended for Cricket, I published it in Squishy since Cricket inventory was low. Did you know you can get 3 hats from one skein? It makes a great gift and I think now that Squishy was the better choice anyway. A few months ago I made one in their new base Nebula, and it is likewise amazing. It’s the perfect amount of sparkle for such a utilitarian baby hat. That June, the Cosset sample was in her booth, we helped her set up, and patterns were selling well. We got to spend time together that show and our friendship began.


(Cosset – the 1st Anzula design)

One of my absolute favorite things about TNNA now is spending time with these ladies. It’s been amazing to see them grow and add new faces.  This past June I had sushi with Sabrina and Charlie and I think it was the best meal I had while there. Their booth is one of my ‘home bases’, a place I always gravitate back to.

Since that Summer 2010 show I have published Hootenanny and Beaufort Scale in Anzula’s bases. I have several more in the works as well, but designing is slow going right now and it never goes as quickly as I would like.

Beaufort Scale

(Beaufort Scale in Breeze. A Wash My Lace version is in the works.)


(Hootenanny in Cricket.)

Flash forward a bit to why I am writing. Did you see my last post about their Indygogo campaign? It only has a few days remaining. Sabrina’s team has grown a ton since I met them in 2010, and a growing business doesn’t always equal a huge pay raise or luxuries. The warehouse could use a little TLC. This team embodies everything that is right about small business. It also embodies the struggles. We can help.

I’m giving away a pack of 15 For Better or Worsted mini skeins, very similar to what I took home that very first time, over on Instagram. Commenting here will win you an *extra* chance at winning, as will letting me know you contributed to their campaign in any amount – you don’t need to say how much. (Yes. Even just $1.)


(These could be coming to your house…)

photo 3

My camera just can’t capture its depth. You’ll really need to see these in person. I’ll throw in your choice of pattern of Cosset, Hootenanny, or Beaufort Scale along with these little beauties.

So, each of these gets an entry:

  • Go to my Instagram account and HEART the giveaway photo.
  • COMMENT on the giveaway photo.
  • SHARE the giveaway photo with hashtag #Anzulagogo.
  • DONATE any amount to their Indygogo and let me know via IG that you did.
  • Comment here with what you love about Anzula.

On FRIDAY (morningish) OCT 11th I will announce a winner on Instagram. You don’t need to follow me, unless you just want to. I post tons of non-knitting life stuff and it might not be your cup ‘o tea, I get that. If you win I will tag you so you know. 🙂

Oh, and my favorite colorway? I can’t really choose, but I am partial to Avocado right now. It just sings to me.

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