Anzula’s Hot

Have you heard? Anzula is HOT. Those gals work in a former meatpacking warehouse and have no air conditioning. Dye pots, hot Californian sun, and NO AC.

They have an indygogo campaign going through Oct 20th, and you should help! Even $5 is a boon to them. At the very least, watch their campaign video. It’s FUNNY. Squirt guns. Need I say more? These are great ladies who make some of my absolute favorite yarn, take a look for me?


I’ll be hosing a giveaway for them on my Instagram feed next week.

15 mini skeins of their For Better or Worsted MCN. It’s amazing, and the colors in person are absolutely dreamy. My photo does NOT do them justice. Make sure you are following for the chance to win them. I might even sweeten the pot with a few zJonquil extras!

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