Is it really September?

How can it already be halfway through September? I haven’t meant to leave you hanging without peep. I’ve been very busy with the start of homeschool in August, and prepping the crazy just prior to that. More patterns have been submitted for the Willow Cable Club, and a few more have been in the works for zJonquil. It’s just been very slow going!
I’ve been using this quiet time to ponder lots of things. For instance, how better to balance this business and my family. What direction I’d really like to see this grow, and who my customer really is. Am I properly reaching out to that potential customer? What social media is beneficial to me, and which are a waste of my time?
I’ve learned quite a bit over this last year and streamlined some things on my end. I’ve learned some things that I just don’t enjoy, and that leads to greater focus. It’s a good thing.
I’ll soon be adding a few back posts, ones that should have been written but haven’t been attended to yet. I also have another give away coming up in a few weeks… can you say Anzula?!?

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