TNNA 2013 #2 All things Yarn Thing’s Designer Dinner

It came, it went, I ate. Yum!

Oh, that is’t what you wanted to know, is it? You wanted to know about the amazing swag bag Marly Bird put together, don’t you? Well, I certainly do not blame you. As with the last year or two, we had goodie bags and door prizes. I seriously coveted the new set of Signatures that one lucky winner received, not that the other door prizes weren’t awesome but those really stuck out in my mind. See the back bag on the table? It was stuffed to the brim and we all took turns taking items out of it. From that bag I scored:

Knit Picks Billow ($5.99 retail) & Bijou Basin Lhasa Wilderness ($29.00 retail): Both of these skeins are dreamy in their own right, the cotton so soft and the yak down/bamboo blend has a dreamy sheen and drape to it. I daresay that I might compare Billow to Blue Sky Alpaca’s Organic Cotton in softness. I’ll have to swatch it though for a real comparison, it’s been awhile since I have knit with BSA.

The photo background? Marly made t-shirts! She teamed up with a graphic designer, Jill Zielinski and the YarnThing dinner has it’s own logo now! I really like it, they did a great job.

Photo Jul 04, 2 32 19 PM x

Yarnbox had pretty red envelopes on the table. One of the envelops gave a lucky table mate a sample box, the rest contain a 10% off coupon for our first Yarnbox. Then it was time to open my Red Heart ‘Bag o’ Swag’.

  • Nameste joined in again (I sure love those gals) with their new little Jemma Pouch. I got an orange one; while orange isn’t always my favorite color, I do love having mismatched Nameste stuff and orange fits the bill perfectly. I adore it! It fits my embridery scissors and needle case perfectly. It now has a home with my cross stitching supplies.
  • Knitterella got in on the action and I was graced with a package of hand knit gift tags ($4.95 a pack). These are so nice – if and when I actually can pry my FOs out of my selfish little hands.
  • Marly’s friend Kristin Omdahl debuted her new Eucalan scent called Wrapture, a very pretty jasmine scent. We each received a 100mL bottle ($5 MSRP) wrapped up with info.

Photo Jul 04, 2 33 35 PM x

Then come yarns. Yes, we received Lion Brand and Red Heart, which have been donated to a charitable cause since I don’t often work with them. (My market is different, I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about it and refining what I am doing with the few hours I have for designing.)

  • Zealana added their Kauri – it has what I often think of as roadkill added in. Possum!  I adore this yarn for that alone. It’s creative and luxurious in the curiosity of it, yet marketed as hardworking blend of merino, possum, and silk.
  • Lopi Einband, a very rustic and crunchy lace wool. I’m already swatching it right now, I had it out on the plane ride home. I can understand why those who always want soft yarn would not care for it, but it really is fun for a change of pace and I’m excited to learn about it’s distinct properties. It is supposed to soften a bit after washing.
  • Red Barn Yarn also added in a sample of Powder River by Mountain Meadow Wool, a mill in Buffalo, NY, and painted by RBY. It is a rambouillet /alpaca blend in colorway Precious Rubies. It has a hand spun appeal to it with a distinct alpaca ply that gives the yarn visual texture.

I’m a little ashamed to say that I gave away the Classic Elite yarn I received as it was mostly mohair, which makes me itch so badly I didn’t even take time to consider adding it to the give away that I have up my sleeve.

Photo Jul 04, 2 40 54 PM x

  • From Wesminster, came Schachenmayr SMC Boston in neon pink – it’s being gobbled by my daughter in a rapid fashion. I need to snatch some back soon. It came with a hat design challenge. Sadly, it’s ill timed for my schedule and I won’t be able to submit to it.
  • Also from Schachenmayr SMC  is the Extra Merino Big. It’s soft and springy!

Photo Jul 04, 2 41 25 PM x

  • Love of Knitting / Love of Crochet magazine provided us with samples, in hopes we consider submitting. One of the things I find so wonderful about TNNA is the availability of magazines to sample. Old and new publishers alike put them out for the taking and it is so helpful to me to see what the style and vibe of each is. I’m not usually a subscriber, and as a designer this is wonderful market research. I look forward to going through these two. (Just one came in the bag, I picked up the other on the show floor later.)
  • Finally, from Chic-a, a large clear front zipper pouch in martinique red. I shoved the magazines inside to show the dimensions. It would fit a pattern, pattern keeper and small project in progress easily. I love the ribbon tab details at both ends of the zipper.

Photo Jul 04, 2 43 00 PM x

That’s pretty much a wrap for this year’s party. As always it was wonderful, they nicely accommodated my Gluten Free needs and as such was one evening I could really sit back and relax and not be concerned about finding a safe place to eat out for the night.

Seriously, a huge thank you to all of the sponsors. In full disclosure, I paid $65 for the evening’s ticket, all products were provided as a portion of that. I look forward to next year!


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