TNNA 2013 Summer Show

If you are in the industry – a LYSO, a wholesaler, a designer, or teacher – The National NeedleArts Association’s summer show, historically held in Columbus OH, is the don’t miss event of the year. Between unique classes, new products, and opportunity to network, it is worth the money getting there.

Last year my family was in a hard place, we were being foreclosed on due to my husband being laid off and out of work for over a year. Even last year I made time to go up for one night, even though I turned right back around. This year, I was able to go Friday morning until Sunday night. It was a much more enjoyable and productive trip to be sure. It’s my preference to be there setup to tear down, but this year didn’t quite make that length since I needed to get home to the toddler and Daddy before someone was injured. I’m happy to say, with the assistance of much prayer, all involved survived the weekend completely intact, other than Daddy who caught said toddler’s cold.

This year, about a month before, I got an email asking if I would be willing to swatch for the Great Wall of Yarn – HECK YES! I didn’t really choose what yarn beyond asking for bulkier weights and happily took what they sent me.

  • Made in America Yarns, American Lamb, 100% wool, in Blue Moon
  • Prism, Clouds, 57% nylon, 23% poly, 10% wool, 10% metallic, in Smoke

Let me say that coming up with an interesting swatch that makes the yarn shine isn’t always easy. Yarns like the Prism one are often interesting on their own right and interesting stitch patterns get lost quickly. In the end it was a very plain, but fun to pet, stockinette swatch. It took me awhile to come up with something for the American Lamb. While fairly basic, the wiggle back and forth creates a texture than can hide stitches as well. I am pretty proud of the swatch result:

I really hope that I am contacted again in the future for the swatch wall, I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Actually, I just really enjoy swatching and it was an easy deadline.

Near the Great Wall of Yarn is the What’s New section. It’s one of the very first things you see on the floor and has a smattering of some of the coolest things you should go lay hands on. This year my local girl Fable Fibers was on the table with her new baby alpaca/merino/silk blend. It was her first show, and I hear it went really well.

Meandering over to her tiny table booth:

Yeah, Lelah of Fable Fibers?  She rocked it, and will be quite busy for awhile to come. I’ll be swatching and reviewing her beautiful yarns soon.

Fable Fibers

Lelah and Ruth (of Rockandpurl fame) were also Saturday night knitting buddies of mine. We designers take over the Hyatt bar and lounge and spend the evening swatching/knitting/crocheting/drinking, and yes, talking. Mostly talking about the new tools, the pretty yarns, our newest projects, and even making new business connections. I’ll admit there is even a bit of ‘who to work with, who to avoid’ that happens as well. In such an isolated profession that can be really helpful. So many others I didn’t manage to get photos of, but you can clearly see the love we have for each other.

Ruth & Lelah:

My roommate Chris Church and I took a brief photo before heading out to Marley’s Designer Dinner on Friday night:

Chrispy & I

Yes! Thanks for noticing! That is the new Beaufort Scale cowl, pinned up on the side making a pretty ruffle. It’s a big thing if you are a designer to wear a sample or two over the weekend. Beaufort Scale was perfect since it is so light. Some days on the show floor are really hot!

(At some point I will get better at mirror photos, alas, not this weekend.)

So much to show & tell. Too much for a single blog post. I’ll be breaking this into parts:


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