Ravelry loves Yarn Shops

TNNA is coming up next weekend and in the past I have offered free patterns to LYSOs as a promotion for wholesale patterns via the yarn vendor. Since Ravelry’s LYS program began I have discontinued wholesale – I’m horrible at administration and it costs me a fortune. I just can’t do it properly at this business’ current scale. Still, it is good for a LYSO to be able to see a sample of my work before trying to sell it to a customer and maybe even knit up a shop sample for the store. Ravelry doesn’t have a preview, so what to do?

Knowing that not all LYS properly respect copyright (theft is a real issue!), I’ve been thinking about this for some time. How can I go about the process of promoting myself to LYSOs, and hopefully foster good will, without sticking my neck out and hurting myself in the process?

What I came up with: this image to add to my patterns for printing and taking to TNNA to distribute as usual for me:


If you are a Ravelry designer, you are welcome to use it. (You might want to make it transparent and change the address, of course.) Gill Sans is the font that I used, and is Ravelry’s logo font. (It comes included on a Mac, I don’t know about a PC).

That’s all, carry on. Will I see you at TNNA? Give me a holler!

If you are a LYSO, and are interested in my patterns, contact me and I will get you a gratis shop sample PDF.

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