Smalt Cowl

Laid out cowl

The 3rd installment in the Willow Yarn’s Cable Club is out!

I had such a fun time with this cowl. It’s a reversible cable on the edge of garter stitch. Would you believe the cable is quite literally 1/2 of the cast on stitches? It’s true! Knit in Fawn, which is a bamboo blend base, it is so drapey. I love it. Since it is buttoned it can be a scarf or a cowl, and as such is long enough to wrap a second time comfortably. It’s also fully reversible because the buttons are sewn directly onto the edge, so no matter what side is out it’s easy to make sure even the buttons are not backwards.

Pattern #4 just went in early this week, it’s more complicated than this one – which is the running theme, easy to difficult. We’ll see it in about 2 months.



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