What Ravelry means to me



That’s how many people have registered as members of Ravelry.

Sure, not all of them are knitters. I know I have a few friends who registered so they could look at the fuss and check out my projects. I’m sure some are unallowed double accounts. Some are even sadly stalkers of ex-wives and girlfriends who have been abused. It happens. But the majority of us, we use Ravelry. We make it great. We add stash, projects, pictures, ratings, comments, and most importantly, LOVE.

Recently I wrote about the Willow Yarns profile. What I didn’t go into in that was what a huge part of me being here has to do with Ravelry itself and what it really means to me. After I met Doreen, and she brought me back into knitting, she was allowed access to the then in Beta Ravelry and was busy singing it’s praises. This was in December of 2007. I signed up as quick as I could and had to wait. I was forewarned that it could be months before I got the sweet email inviting me to activate an account. The email came quicker than that though, the evening before my 30th birthday. What a present!!!

It was on Ravelry I was introduced to Knitty, to Chris Church, to swapping, to the kindness of knitters, to actual designers, to combination knitting, and to a true deep love of the craft itself. I’ve donated just because, participated in the early drives to get Ravelry out of the red, supported the minimart happily, and most importantly told every yarn lover I come in contact about it. It kept me going through the isolation of being a stay at home mom with no car and two small kids.

Ravelry has truly changed my life. I couldn’t be happier for them, and to know I’ve been a part of what makes Ravelry great fills my heart with joy. So to Jess and Casey, thank you. To Mary Heather, Sarah, and Christina, thank you as well. Congratulations on 3 million members.

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