Clara’s Great White Bale, Lot 1. Bartlett

Tonight I hooked up my laptop to the TV and went on a homeschooling adventure. Clara has put together some amazing and fun videos of the Bale’s adventures so far and I took the kids through all of them, working backwards.

It wasn’t until we watched the very first video, that visited a scouring plant in Texas, that I mentioned to them that I had a piece of that very bale, those very sheep we saw, sheared by the lady we watched, … well, you get the point. They were excited.

I broke it out and we explored it on the kitchen table, examining the crimp and composition. Dory was determined I needed to spin it so she could make friendship bracelets and Jack was sure he needed a sweater.

Dory's Bale

Dory & Jack were so excited Josh made sure he got in on the fun too. He was none too happy when I didn’t give him more and took that little bit away. My photo just missed his gleeful expression.

Josh's Bale

At some point I really hope someone decides they don’t (or just can’t) knit all the yarn they get and actually sell me a skein or two. I’m not too chatty on the posts though, so I don’t know if I will ever really get a chance. This particular yarn might just be one of my faves though, I’m enamored with the mule spinner.

I’ve been enjoying the Armchair membership just a tad too much. Maybe. Ok, not really. I’m giddy that she made a video that I am allowed to share with you here.

So, enjoy!


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