More Floss Pretties

I went shopping yesterday. It was time to chose the actual color palate for the sampler! There are 28 colors total for this one, and I chose them all right there in the store with Dory helping putting back the colors that didn’t make the cut. (Great homeschool math, ordering numbers and all.) It feels like most of the initial colors from the software chart were changed, and I was amazed by how far off the colors were from reality. Can you figure out what types of baby names are being used for the sampler yet?
Last Tuesday I ordered a DMC color card with actual floss samples on it, they are super hard to find at this point but I was able to find a ‘used’ one. I hope it isn’t missing too many colors, but I can just add on those as I go I guess. At any rate it will be SO much better than the photo card that they sell for $10 and isn’t accurate at all anyway. I spent about $20 to have this one shipped, so I think I did pretty good. The new to me card should arrive tomorrow and I’m excited to see it. How I just need to hunt down one for Cosmo. That one is also proving very difficult.
On 28 ct linen the sampler is about 9.5 inches square. I’m so excited to share it with you but I’m trying hard not to jump the gun and actually have this one made before it comes out. (Let’s face it, I’ll jump the gun soon.)

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