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I am so flattered to have been chosen for the 3rd issue of Willow’s Branching Out newsletter. They ran a profile on me!  I’m still a bit flabbergasted. 

Something I never knew before I was designer was that all those awesome little bios that accompany patterns are written by the designer themselves in the third person. I? Not so good at that. This profile, likewise, is also written by me. It certainly isn’t in the third person, and I don’t think it is particularly clever like so many of the short and sweet bios I read on Knitty and elsewhere. It made me feel better about my writing when a proof reading friend complimented me on it’s intimacy, saying that it sounded like we were sitting together.

Here’s the 1st paragraph:


You can click on the newsletter link above to read the rest, I’ll spare you in the post directly. It goes on to talk about art school and how I became a knitter. The lady I mention is one of my best friends Doreen Ray, our meeting really was a huge turning point in my life and she continues to bless me by being a part of it. She is terrified of cables, won’t do colorwork even though I designed Vivere specifically for her, and is the most amazing product knitter I know. She can do things that make my eyes start swimming, like massive felted bags and baby wearing ponchos. Maybe that’s what makes us such good friends, we are great compliments.

I never could work in the second lady who made a serious difference in my knitting career, Chris Church. We met on Ravelry in a swap and went on to become best friends. (I’m lucky enough to have several best friends!!) I’ve traveled twice to the PNW to see her and her family and she’s come here to see me. She is the one who pushed me in the very beginning to make sure my patterns were published in a professional manner, not just as a half-hearted error-riddled always free hobby. Thanks to her I had them all test knit and shelled out the funds to have them tech edited. At first that kinda’ hurt, but now it just makes really good sense. We’ve partnered a few times for patterns and have plan for a few more down the road after the littlest kiddos we have are a bit more grown. Chris is now a tech editor herself, and really dang good at it.

So, now you know just a bit more.

Published with Willow Yarns, so far:

CC-1 Cable Stripe Fingerless Mitts CC-2 Nest Pillow Instrux-1 Crochet Cowl Necklace-Instrux-1

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