The one third review

Have you reflected yet on the goals you set forth for yourself at the beginning of the year? It just dawned on me that I should re-read my post from earlier in the year.



Taking stock:
-The Woodlee Hat that is pictured is not a single bit closer to publication.
-I’m hand quilting the Avignon quilt right now, so that’s great progress.
-I have fabric for at least 2 more quilts now. Out to Sea by Sarah Jane for my daughter and Puppy Park for the littlest who is dog obsessed.
-Working on the Woodland Sampler and got so overcome that I started on the Cutebots series as well.
-Enjoyed that so much I designed Freddie MacFiddlehead for the Woodland Sampler and published his charts on the blog.
-!!! Have another cross stitch pattern that is designed, charted, laid out in a PDF, and just needs to be stitched up to be released! Arrrgyle Cross Bones
-Willow Yarns has the 2nd cable club in hand and it is going out any day now. In the process a few things about it had to change, but I’m still hoping it will be well received by club members.
-Willow Yarns Cable Club #3 is getting the finishing touches (really I should be knitting on the sample right now) and will be in their hands this week. It’s simple and fun, and I think pretty as well.

This isn’t where I expected to be!

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