Freddie MacFiddlehead

This Woodland Sampler has caught me good. I’ve ordered more Cosmo floss because I am now completely addicted to it. I have no idea what to do with my DMC stash, I might just give it to my daughter.
Anyway, the sampler for March is a super cute little mushroom in a terrarium. Adorable, but I thought a tidbit lonely. I didn’t want to go match-matchy like January and throw off a balance but did want something. I almost went with a tiny gnome, but at last second decided to go with FREDDIE!


He’s a tiny fiddlehead, proportioned to go with Marchy MacMushroom. (Heh, yeah, I ran with the name theme.) When I posted about him on Instagram, overnight he became the most liked photo I have. Which isn’t saying much at 28 hearts, but hey.

What? You say you love Freddie? You want a Freddie too? Yay!!

I’ve been playing with a new software for cross stitch designing and have a few I might publish on Etsy and Craftsy soon. (I’ll alert you when they are ready.) But, for now, you can enjoy Freddie too. I’ll assume you know how to cross stitch or can google a beginner’s guide. I did make him a stand alone for the purpose of this post, so you don’t have to be doing the Woodland Sampler for him to make sense. If you ARE doing the Woodland Sampler, you will want to wiggle him in the way you like best. It might mean trimming some moss and overlapping some background. Also, I’m using Cosmo, not DMC, so use whatever colors fit best for you.

At 16 x 16 sts on 14 ct fabric, he is just over 1″sq.

All I ask in return is a comment letting me know you love Freddie and a shout out on Instagram @zzwhitejd and hashtag #zjonquil when you post him. I really want to see him! Enjoy!



P.S. The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery has the Spring Sampler up for sale as of today. SERIOUS CUTENESS ALERT!



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