Radio Silence

Sorry for the silence around here. We’re prepping for house guests! Turns out that those bedrooms upstairs needed to get finished in a hurry since we can’t have a guest sleeping in the ‘barracks’ with us – which is where we have been since last September when we moved in so that we could renovate upstairs first.

SO much has happened!

Some electrical work:

Lights were completely updated in all the bedrooms. Cool LED night lights included! Uber ugly socket switches are gone.
“How many guys does it take…” hehe! Thanks to our friend Joey (front left), all the lights work properly AND there is overhead in the studio now. Please ignore the extra hole in the ceiling, I certainly will.

Walls and windows have been transformed:

Same order as photo below. Yes, those are PURPLE window sills with sage walls.
Ta-DA! White window sills, fresh trim, newly painted ceilings even! Whew. I didn’t even paint the windows shut. Aren’t you proud of me?

Time capsules are being laid, our walls will talk:

Dory has one too. We’ll add to this wall colors, signatures, and maybe even handprints.

So, as of yesterday morning:

Flooring has been delivered! Installing on Tuesday.

So, yeah. It’s been really busy here. School has even been put on hold for the last two weeks. I’ve been able to work a little on my quilt, and plan the next ones. (Another post on that soon.) I’ve turned over the next installment to the Willow Yarns Cable Club. (So cozy!!)

And finished off both January and February on my Woodland Sampler. See? SO CUTE!

Serious cuteness of the Woodland Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. Clickity pic to see their other stuff. (New site, come back!)

And now, Malabrigo March has gotten started. I need to go cast on my new Rocha sweater in lace weight. It’s amazing. School? What school? The kids can watch Mythbusters some more.

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