Cosmo No. 25 Embroidery Floss!

Cosmo Floss

Swoon. No, really. SWOON.

Cosmo Floss

Who knew that embroidery floss could be so amazing? You certainly don’t need any Thread Heaven when working with this stuff. DMC might not seem so different at first glance, and the price might feel high, but really this stuff is really different and the price I think is justified. It’s made from Egyptian cotton, for one thing. Lecien (the Japanese maker of Cosmo floss) claims that it feels like and has the sheen of silk. It isn’t *quite* that nice, but it is *really* close. I felt actual silk floss at a store in town and it was a bit, well, silkier. I saw a quote (somewhere, sorry I’ve forgotten where!) while on the color card hunt that a customer said something to the effect that Cosmo “would make you want to donate all of your DMC to the local Girl Scouts for friendship bracelets”. Well, pretty much.

(Check out the 443 colors here, it’s about 11 less than DMC has.)

Sadly, absolutely no one around me carries it. I’ve ordered now from The Workroom in Toronto, Canada and from Thimble Creek Quilt Shop. Both shops have been great and I would recommend either one. I know you can also pick it up from Crabapple Hill Studio, but have not tried them yet.

Since starting the Woodland Sampler I have been itching to start more projects, and even start designing my own pieces. I already have a backlog of ideas and concepts, just like with knitting and crochet. It’s too bad that I don’t have more time in the day to devote to it. Schooling the kids myself really cuts into that freedom! I’m so blessed to know that one day I will be able to do design work full time. For now though, I’ve downloaded the trial of MacStitch and am pretty sure I will purchase it very soon. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will want a few cross stitch designs published before June’s TNNA show. Now, to find a color card… they seem pretty rare.

Side by side with DMC:

The top is Cosmo, no the sheen isn’t because it is out of focus, it’s just that much shinier. The DMC strands seem less twisted all 6 together, but have less twist as individual strands than the Cosmo


Winding party anyone? It’s a pleasure.

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