Willow Yarns

Oh my gosh, Y’ALL! I have beans to spill!

I am so tickled to have been invited to participate in Willow Yarn’s launch. I’ve been busting at the seams for months now. Ready?

I’ve been working on a Cable Club for them. That’s right, a club! 6 months of progressively harder cable patterns aimed at beginners and moving them to some pretty advanced pieces. The first one is already up and in the catalog. It’s so simple, and on purpose. It’s to help you take the cable plunge. Next installment is a bit more complex, and keeps going from there. By the 6th, there won’t be much you will hesitate on with cables!


Simple, see? You can do it. Honest. This was a WIP photo I took and couldn’t share anywhere. I looks like the $19.99 price tag is for all 6 club installments. That’s a serious steal if I understand the details.

Also, I made a crochet cowl for their first catalog. I’m tickled with it and made a similar one for myself that is a riff off it. They are calling it “Crochet Cowl Necklace“. My personal version is a mobius, but the published version is a simple and straight forward piece that flies off the hook.

Published version original (they changed the color):


They’ve been wonderful to work with and I’m looking forward to the remaining installments, which for now are also secret.

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