I’m in box bag geekery heaven

LAST February I randomly won a blog giveaway, my choice of StitchedbyJessalu bag.
At that point I already owned one:


It’s so well loved. It’s a fabric on Spoonflower of Firefly (Serenity) characters. I geek out with it all the time. Can’t help it really.

Anyway, the same fabric designer who made the Firefly fabric also has worked with JessaLu to design a few different Doctor Who fabrics. One of which is this one:


And it’s MINE! (Yep, swatching a new possible crochet design as well. In Malabrigo Rasita.)

While the inside edges are not surged, I can’t be more pleased with her craftsmanship. Her stitching is beautiful and I adore the bee zipper pull she adds. Mine has held up even being carried almost everyday. It’s soft, squishy, and not crisp with new fabric starch anymore, but honestly it’s even better for the wear.

When I bought my first one she was on Etsy. She’s grown so much that she now has her own shop at www.stitchedbyJessaLu.com. She also has Pride and Prejudice bags. And Sherlock Holmes bags. And I’ve been told there are even a few new geeky things in the works. If your knitting needs a home, you should give her bags a try. I can’t wait to break in my new Dr Who bag. I wonder how many people will get the characters right off the bat this time?

Did you see the tiny TARDIS?

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