Looking ahead, making goals

Mindfulness, that’s where we were the other day when I proclaimed my refusal of resolutions.

Setting goals is different though. Mary Catherine has set some great goals, some crafty and some not. For me, her goals would be really lofty. I just don’t have the time for all the things with my 3 other Things. That said, here are some goals. I have some hope.

1. Cross stitch! Yep, I fell prey to the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s 2013 Woodland Sampler. I signed up right before Christmas and still haven’t gotten my supplies. If I blog it I have to do it, right? I do want to, haven’t stitched anything since high school and back then I was doing mostly old lady stuff.

2. Publish at least 6 patterns this year, not just self published, 6 total. At least. And not quickies, things I am really proud of. Shoot, some of it already has photography done.

soon to be published, but in a different yarn
soon to be published, but in a different yarn, with different photos


3. Destash. A lot. Actively work on stash management – yarn AND fabric. I have some valuable stuff I will likely never use. It’s time to let some go and let others love on it.

4. Make one quilt. I signed up for the Block-a-Month Craftsy class last year and never ever watched a single one. Now I have bought 2 Rollie Pollies (equate to a Jelly Roll) and I want it done by year end. So of course I signed up for the 2013 class. And Quilting Quickly. I’m not sure I need a class for the one I want to make, but tips would be helpful.

I will quilt this. I really will.
I will quilt this. I really will.



Lets review: 1 quilt, 1 cross stitch sampler, 6 patterns, destashing

P.S. I also want to blog regularly and start a Fiber Friday column to coincide with my Fibers Illustrated class.  1st installment, today.

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