Knit Picks Comfy Sport & Anzula Cricket MCN

Two yarns that couldn’t be more different, yet so well suited for the same thing: a baby blanket. I’ll keep the end idea quiet for now, but the sneak peek I already put out in Instagram is of them wet blocking:

so different, yet both perfect
so different, yet both perfect


In the yellow:

In the orange:

See how different? Right off the bat the Comfy floats while the Cricket sinks. That’s the acrylic vs wool at play. Their fiber makeup is completely different but both are machine washable.

Hand: The Comfy is quite soft for cotton, not at all crunchy. Some of that is due to the type of cotton: Pima, and some is due to the microfiber acrylic. Yes, soft acrylic. The acrylic lightens the heavy cotton and balances is in a lovely way giving it some elasticity on the hook (and needle). This isn’t a cotton yarn that is hard on the hands. Meanwhile, the Cricket is soft. SO soft. Like more butter soft. It’s also amazingly hardy. The 10% nylon is evident in the way it has strength – just like a blended sock yarn. I’ve used other MCNs before that weren’t this soft, which leads me to believe that Anzula uses a high quality merino. It’s this softness, more than the cashmere content, that I am guessing is felt. I’ve not seen any crazy pilling yet, but the low halo that blooms after blocking is pretty.

Gauge: I made both of these motifs on the same Lantern Moon rosewood crochet hook in 4mm/G. Both are sport weight yarns. Amazingly they measure the same right off the hook. When wet they have a half inch difference in size. As soon as they dry, back to the same size. That was completely unexpected!

Color: These two are different here too. Anzula kettle dyes in small batches for colors that carry a beautiful depth and variation. Comfy is a solid color from a large batch. It is muted in the way that cotton alway is. The acrylic doesn’t seem to do much about that, yet there is a depth that isn’t always seen in cotton unless it is mercerized.

Price: A baby blanket, using 5 skeins of the Anzula Cricket will run you $167 for 1250 yards. Yep, that isn’t cheap. I’m guessing you wouldn’t spend that on your neighbor, nor the mom-to-be you don’t know well. BUT, there are some super special kids for whom this would become the well cared for family heirloom. Yes, they are worth it. For the rest of us whom the price is just too far out of the budget, the same amount of Knit Picks Comfy will run you $36 for 9 balls.

If you wanted to go smaller scale, a single skein of the Anzula Cricket MCN is well worth using for booties or a hat – just for the joy of it running through your fingers.

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