Now I’ve done it


Done myself in, that is. Had a massive oopsie on New Year’s Day where I managed to slice my pinky finger open. You know what this means? Crafting has become a bit more difficult. I can not knit and crochet is doable, but only for short durations. I wonder how this will effect how I tension my yarn, because that’s right where I accidentally sent the knife through.

What was I doing, you ask? Well, that has several answers.
1. Giving my daughter a wonderful real life object lesson of why we practice knife safety. She clearly saw how quickly it happens, even when it isn’t intended. Homeschooling moment at it’s finest.
2. Getting out of doing dishes, laundry, diaper changes, and for a few days at least, driving the stick. Quite the deal! Right?
3. Um, cutting a bagel. Yeah. That was so mundane. I’ve been telling people I got in a knife fight because that sounds so much cooler.

I was at home with Josh napping, Dory standing beside me, and Jack bouncing around telling me how hungry he was when it happened. What to do when you realize you cut through skin as if it were softened butter? Curse. Of course with the kidlet standing right there so that your next words have to be “That was a bad word. Do not repeat it.” My husband, who has been known to sound like a sailor, takes great pride in the fact that both words our kids have learned have come from me. Who never curses. Almost. (The other time was right after burning myself on the oven.)

Called John, who was at work. Called Becky, and then Mary Catherine. Asked both of them over, luckily they both could drop what they were doing. Becky drove me to Urgent Care; Mary Catherine found lunch for the kids and babysat. It’s amazing to me how quickly things change.

I’m needle phobic. Truly phobic. As in been through therapy for it. That said, it certainly isn’t gone, I never finished (ahem, started) desensitization; I just deal a lot better and understand my triggers. So, no stitches for me. I should have gotten 5. No one offered to knock me out for it so I promised to keep it still, wrapped, dry, etc. We learned you can’t really glue or butterfly the crease of a joint, makes sense, but that means it is just open as it heals.

Which 48 hours along seems to be going nicely.

P.S. Anyone have a bedazzler I can borrow?

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