Happy New Years!

So often on this day we make resolutions, start new projects and decide that this year will be better in some way than the last. It’s a day of reflection and hope.

I’ve spent a lazy morning catching up on Twitter.  My designer friend Ruth posted a heartfelt bit about overworking herself last year and her commitment to 2013 is to be more mindful. What a wonderful concept! In many ways I relate to what she had to say since in 2012 our family were foreclosed on (DH had lost his job and was unemployed for 13 months, he’s employed again), lived with my ILs for a few months (without internet! ACK!), and worked (a LOT) harder at a more structured homeschool for the kids this past fall. It was a doozy of a year in so many ways. That said, it was a wonderful year too.

Vines Capelet
Vines Capelet from Malabrigo eBook

Design-wise, I’ve been working with a yarn company this year in an exciting project that I can’t say anything about. I’m so used to self publishing that it feels like I haven’t done anything this year though. I can’t see the fruits of my labors as clearly, it’s such a different process. I look forward to being able to share it with you. Early in the year I published a Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project eBook: March 2012 jointly with my friend Chris. It was a fun and stressful bit, and I feel like it could have better but given our circumstances at the time it was what I could do. I will say it was wonderful working with her and Malabrigo again.

fun nights with Mary Catherine
fun nights with Mary Catherine

A longtime Mal Gal (from the Malabrigo Swap on Ravelry) moved to town for a job in the yarn industry. It has been wonderful having her and her boyfriend here. During my family’s move my stash lived at her house, taking up a quarter of her tiny living room. We’ve had lots of back yard fires and game nights since moving into the new house and time for knit nights and afternoons. You can find Mary Catherine over at Pink Wing Knits where you just missed winning a copy of Malabrigo Book 4. She has a lovely shawl in that one. She also completed a 365 project via Instagram yesterday, I tried a few years ago and that takes work!

whole zJonquil crew relocated
whole zJonquil crew relocated

In 2012 I started doing solo work with my church’s choir, adopted a charity for zJonquil Designs (more on that later), moved to a bigger house that costs less (honest, it was a good thing by bad circumstances), watched my kids grow (so amazing), and been exposed to Ukrainian orphans by one hosted my my best friend over the summer.

I’m not one for making resolutions. In general I hate them, and I don’t think that is too strong of a word. However, reflection is really good. It helps bring perspective and balance. This coming year I’d like to finally get zJonquil.com rebuilt, promote Jenny’s Easy Graft a bit better, actually *get* some of my publication list *published*, and maybe submit a few designs for publication. I won’t call these resolutions though – my first priorities have to be my family, it’s the cost of being a SAHM and homeschooler of 3. Generally I’m a pretty balanced person, but I do like to bite off more than I can chew sometimes. I don’t want to set zJonquil back before it’s time. The goal is to build small and steady so that when the kids are no longer homeschooling I have a good solid base under me and can jump in full time with both feet.

here's to happy trails
here’s to happy trails

Like Ruth, I’m trying to be mindful.

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