A slow 2012

But it has been for good reason. I’ve been homeschooling intensively the 3rd grader and the kindergartner AND we moved over the summer/fall. It took us about 3 months to move into the new house and I was sadly separated from my stash for most of it. I still haven’t found the ball winder and it is proving difficult to start a few projects that are to be double stranded. Anyway, I know it has been awhile since we had a stable website and I’m working hard to get a whole new one set up. The little web home has to be rebuilt just like unpacking the new Raymond house. I’ll be porting over old posts and setting up the Easy Graft tutorial again, as well as adding new tutorials. Please come join me, make yourself at home, and work a few stitches with me again. I’ve missed you all!

Above: knit bracelet using silk and a packing tape core. Yes, it is on the publication list.

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