Working on it

So much happens after I return from a TNNA. It’s overwhelming! There are new patterns to work on, updates to make, people to follow up with and old things to continue with. It quickly becomes overwhelming and hard to remember everything awesome.
Most of all, there is Jeni’s Ice Cream withdrawal. While in Columbus I had it every morning and at least once more during the day! Their ice cream sandwiches are a very rare treat for me since they are gluten free, being made of almond flour. It’s been a year since I was able to indulge in those!
There is so much to tell you, so much to follow up on, so much for me to now get done. Alas, upon returning I always get plunged into full time Mom, every TNNA my husband has skipped town on his own business trip as soon as I get back. It’s a bucket of cold water, I tell you! After the parties, adult conversations and ogling of everything new… well, tantrums and “mommy, mommy, mommy, mommmmmmmy”. Yeah, I love them, but wish re-entry wasn’t so hard sometimes. (Little man is 3, if that says anything.)
More on it all soon! Including a brand new additions to the stockist list! How exciting, right?
In case you were wondering who was enjoying ice cream with me in the pic, on the left is my part time E2Wk collaborator Chris Church (from Pursuit of Fiber) and on the right my test knitter extraordinaire (and brand new Buffalo Gold employee!) Mary Catherine Black. I can’t tell you how much fun they are to hang with.

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