Jonquilmom = zJonquil

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally made a name change. JonquilMom is now zJonquil. Yep, dropping the ‘Mom’ off the name. I’m not making baby carriers anymore and I’m certainly not concentrating on baby patterns so it’s just plain confusing. Jonquil is staying though and is joined by my common username ‘z’ as a play on ‘the’. I hope it’s as quirky as I think it is and not too hard to follow.

I also have a new logo design to go with it!


In other news:Cosset

I’m excited to be home from TNNA in Columbus last week – where I made my TNNA membership official as a Designer! I had designs on display in the Buffalo Gold and Anzula booths that did really well. The brand new Cosset baby hat pattern even is going out wholesale to several shops around the country… one of which I am proud to say is a little shop by the name of PurlSoho! (Did you hear my squeal last week?) Sadly, that’s the extent of news I can really say from all of my time there… but just know it’s an exciting time here in z. More on Cosset soon.

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on news here from time to time when my 140 on Twitter isn’t quite enough.

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